Thursday, 1 June 2017

Oz Erickson's Hyde Park Pursuit is Full of Mystery, Thriller & Suspense!

Oz Erickson—an adventurer by heart and a real-estate expert by profession—was raised in Bahamian Island. He graduated from Exeter Academy, Harvard College in the year 1971. Always in love with hitchhiking, Oz Erickson travelled across Sudan, Nile, Iraq, Afghanistan, and many other countries. After gaining abundance of trekking experience, Oz Erickson took some time off, and took admission in Stanford Business School to complete his MBA. In the same year, the love of his life, Rina Alcalay, entered into his life. The bond between these two love birds was so strong that it made Oz Erickson stay in West Coast.

With a knack in entrepreneurship, Oz Erickson stepped into real-estate business in which he started with two-condos project. This project gave him the seed money to hustle in the real-estate business, which he eventually did and got a huge success. It is why he is known as Cal Ripken of San Francisco. To emphasise on Oz Erickson establishments, it would be suffice to say that he has done a lot for San Franciscans in terms of affordable housing and he has been and is still involved in various civili communities of the city. He also serves to the Technical Advisory Community as a board member.

Besides being a social animal, Oz Erickson also possess some great skills in penning down fictitious ideas, which can be observed in his first fiction, Hyde Park Pursuit. It is a story of two real estate agents who worked together in London, who eventually fell in love. Their lives dramatical shifted when one day while strolling the Hyde Park, they witnessed a murder. The chilling words of the dying man left them shocked, and they must seek safety from their pursuers. It's a great story with twisted plots, amazing characters, and mind-boggling climax. Give it a read though.

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